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Scattered like an unsolved puzzle at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, the popular islands of Andaman are India's archipelago that promises to amaze and captivate at the same time.

Island Life

Island Time
Happy Hour
every night
6:30 PM

Travel Time

to Port Blair
2:00 HRS
Port Blair
to Havelock
2:00 HRS
Havelock to
Neil Island
1:30 HRS
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The biggest adventure of your life begins here

Indulge in snorkeling or scuba diving to see magnificent coral reefs or stay in beach resorts at Havelock island. Visit Port Blair, Ross Islands, Neil Islands, Gandhi marine park, and Cellular Jail. Book memorable holiday packages on DreamGateways.

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Quick Facts

1 Sport Fishing
2 Speed Boating
3 Sea Walk

Take a deep breath, and dive into the blue

As the colourful reefs of Havelock Island shimmers through your goggles you’ll know what made Ringo Starr sing “Octopus’s Garden”. See the underwater marine life and view the rarest of corals while enjoying one of the best water activities in Andaman at the North Bay Island.

Dive In

Quick Facts

4 Snorkeling idevia_diving-1
5 Banana Boat Ride idevia_diving-2
6 Scuba Diving idevia_diving-3